The French Press | Part 2

The French Press Part 1

You bought me a fit rage. A burning, fiery rage against your tightwad roommate and that evil Keurig who put you under the influence. The influence of sweet aromatic coffee. 

But your hipster ways creeped in after your summer interning in San Francisco and your coffee addiction grew stronger! How could you consume her entire semester coffee supplies (that she got for free along with that stupid Keurig) in a month? She was mad. You were mad! The Keurig was pissed! You bought her little k-cups and bought me as a sign of rebellion.

Oh, you are such a coffee snob. Using me to blend your free trade Indonesian exported coffee beans you bought at Starbucks. 

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The French Press

Clock strikes three o’clock, the witching hour. Yet, you refuse to crawl into the warm softness of blankets and pillows to sleep, hiding away from what you must face.

Brave soldier.

Your work ethic is either hardworking or you’re a procrastinator. We haven’t been together long enough for me to judge you.

You pull out the hot water kettle as your roommate’s Keurig glares menacily at you, expecting some use. From your arsenal of coffee beans, you pull out your most potent mixture.

I watch you across the kitchen as you begin your hazy dance of pouring water, grinding beans, bumbling into the counters in your sleep stupor.

You pour the beans and water, letting it sit. Then reaching towards my other half to pump down onto your elixir, we both realize we have to work late into this long night. 

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I Killed Firebender

Hey guys, I’ve been going back and forth on this for quite a well, and as much as I hate to say it’s time for me throw in the reins and move onto my next project. After the new year, Firebender will be an inactive site and no longer updated. The graphics and content will be available online, but I will no longer continue to post new graphics.

For those who don’t know, Firebender and I have been around for quite a long time since June 2006. Originally, Firebender used to be called The Breakthrough but changed names a couple of years ago. I’ve seen fansites come and go—most pop up around the start of a new season and then die during a season hiatus period—now, Firebender is one of them. For years, I kept saying that this will never happen. How could a neglect something I love to work on?  To think that I could still maintain this website and then realizing the impossibility is a blunder to my ego. Nonetheless, I need to close this chapter.

Graphic and web design are passion of mine. Working on Firebender has been a great experience that opened so many doors for my college and professional career. What started as a little project for an awkward twelve year girl to keep busy during the summer of 2006 turned into something far great. This website expanded and grew into a well known Avatar fansite. It was a playground for me to experiment in Photoshop and Dreamweaver. It introduced me to the world of Design, Development, and Digital Marketing. I gained new skills and knowledge while meeting so many great people along the way.

I always wanted to get some nod of recognition from the creators, but what the hell that wasn’t why I was here. I was here to make things. To make it with the tools of my trade and group of great people who supported me even through my goofy mistakes. So, my dear friend, its time for me to take what I learned over the years and apply it to my remaining year of college and future career.

Thanks to Avatar: the Last Airbender and the Legend of Korra, I was able to find what I love to do. I hope it let you found what you love.

As of right now, I finished the fall semester of my junior year at RPI and work as User Experience and UI Designer for a software company most of you have probably heard of. ;]

Best of luck wherever you go and Merry Christmas,

Adriana (Pon De Replay)

You can follow me on (Twitter), Behance or a

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How to Use Unalaq’s name as a Curse Word, part 2

Unalaq (noun): motherfucker, asshole

Unalaq (verb): To fuck over the rest of the world

Unalaw (adjective): pertaining to the actions of Unalaq; the state of beling an Unalaq

Proper Usages: 


Son of an Unalaq!


Oh shit, I just unalaqqed my team!

I’m gonna unalaq you up, man!

What the unalaq is wrong with you?!

Unalaqqed again.


Unalaq fucks up everything. 

What the unalaq is going on?

This unalaqing Unalaq is unalaqqed.

Up your unalaqqing ass!

He’s just an unalaq-off.

Unalaq that shit

That’s not unalaqqing fair!

Oh unalaq it!

Unalaq off!

I’m gonna unalaq you up!

Shut the unalaq up!

Original: How to Use Tarrlok’s Name as a Curse Word (

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